What is the difference between Confession and Repentance? Does one need to repent after confession? If Yes: Why? IF No, why not?

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Ephrem Hagos
Confession is the deep self-awareness of one's own utter sinfulness to the extreme of "I am the worst of sinners" (1 Tim. 1:15) under the convicting power of the Holy Spirit explicitly outsourced from Christ's death on the cross. (John 16: 5-15)

Repentance is the desire and preparedness for a second chance based on a point of change centered in Christ's death on the cross, a.k.a., verifiably Spirit-active, perfect, diacritical and sustainable!

by Ephrem Hagos 1 year ago

Bill Parker
Remember that the Bible tells us that Jesus paid for our sins, "once for all".  Does that phrase mean that the sins I commit today have to be confessed before I am forgiven?  ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Confession of our sins to God and others is for us to let go of the guilt and move on to repentance of those sins.  We will be repenting all our life, because we will continue to sin, as Paul wrote in Romans 7.  When we have become Christians, all our sin is gone and we need to not hold on to any guilt by confessing what you do wrong.  Repentance involves changing your lifestyle to fit the lifestyle of Jesus, becoming more Christ-like each day.

by Bill Parker 1 year ago

Confession is the revealing of something that is secret.  For example, I stole that car. You have now confessed something that no one knew. To confess is to admit to be guilty of something.  God however, knows all our secrets and confession is necessary to receive His forgiveness.
Now repentance is the act of turning away from our sin. We acknowledge that what we did was sin. So we have a choice continue to repeat that sin or stop and turn away from that sin. That is repentance.
To answer your question does one need to repent after confession, I would ask what was the reason for confessing in the first place. If you were to confess to a sin and then continue to practice that sin, what was the point of confessing it?  But if your reason for confession was to receive forgiveness, then one can conclude YES you need to repent after confessing the sin.  Therefore repent of this wickedness of yours, and pray to the Lord that he may perhaps forgive you for the intent of your heart. (Acts 8:22)

by Bruce 1 year ago

Confession means to acknowledge the sin. Repentance means to make a decision not to sin again. To walk away.

by Mary 1 year ago

Chris Blackburn
Repentance???? Well, repentance should be done daily. The smallest sins need to be taken to the cross daily. For Jesus shed His blood in order for us to do so. If we think we have no sin we lie to our selves. The slightest things can really become bigger if not washed daily with the blood of Jesus. Confession? Well that is admitting we're wrong to which leads to confession.

by Chris Blackburn 1 year ago

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What is the difference between Confession and Repentance? Does one need to repent after confession? If Yes: Why? IF No, why not?

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