How many songs do you sing during your Sunday worship service? Do you wish your church sang more or less?

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Bill Parker
We start out with three praise songs, then a prayer song, a communion song, and then at the end of the service, we have an invitation song and closing song.  I believe music touches the soul and makes a way for the Word of God to enter and then when the service is over, we need strength to face the world.

by Bill Parker 2 years ago

We usually sing three songs, that's ok except on special occassions when we sing more

by Joshua  2 years ago

Harold Cameron
Usually 3. I am okay with 3 but I would also enjoy it if they sang a couple more.

by Harold Cameron 2 years ago

Leonard Edloe
We normally sing about 4.  We used tracks so the songs are no longer that the tracks. Most hymn are three verses.  Works fine.

by Leonard Edloe 2 years ago

We don't have a set amount of songs. We sing 3-4 at the beginning, one during the collection of offerings, 1-2 during communion, and 1 or more at the end depending on time and how the spirit moved that day. Because many have children and obligations, we attempt to end service on time.  My preference would be to continue to worship at the end of service for at least 15 minutes for those who wish to stay.

by Bruce 2 years ago

Robert Barlow
Four.   One to start and then the announcements. Then two. Then one at the end.

by Robert Barlow 2 years ago

Ken Qualls
The small churches I have pastored have generally sang an average of five songs. The best situations have been where the song leader correlated the hymns with my sermon topic.
I feel that in a worship service that music and preaching have a 50/50 impact.
I believe that songs of any kind that are repeated over and over are detrimental to individuals and to the service.

by Ken Qualls 2 years ago

...this place of a Church is a school ...we normally congregate on week days to learn..teaching and sermons are normally proceded with prayers; besides session preface worship and praising  songs, (session time, rather than number determine the songs) doctrine, testimonies and prayer are predominant.

Sorry, this so spontaneous that cognizance of numbers with songs is immaterial.

I don't know the ideal but according to the Scriptures ...  
(KJV)Acts 2:42
" And they continued stedfastly in the apostles' doctrine and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers."

by Maylaw 2 years ago

Richard Chambers
On average we sing 4. We have a praise band that doe's very good.

by Richard Chamber...  2 years ago

Pamela N. Smith
We sing a lot of songs in church but that suppose to take away from Gods Word and the Message that he is sending us. I wish we would sing less although songs are good but they are limited

by Pamela N. Smith 2 years ago

At least 4 songs plus a special  after the offering. We spent at least 30 minutes in worship and most often 35-45 minutes. Glory! We see it as part of waiting on The Lord and having an encounter with Him rather than hearing a sermon from a person.

by Joe 2 years ago

Ronald Eugene Shultz
In most places I have been in it is three songs and a special before the service.  I was Asst Pastor at one church where the music folks asked if the preacher could trim three minutes off his sermon so they could add another song.  In this particular church we sang more than average.  I wanted to ask if they could trim  song so that pastor could add three minutes to his sermon.   

While I love music and it can set the person in a better mindset to hear the Word, it is the Word that converts and does the real edification so I would rather see more time given to the Word.  I think that invitation songs can distract from the work of the Spirit as people will get into the song and sing along.  That can deafen them to the still, small voice of the Spirit seeking to convict them or convert them.

I am an old hippie and not totally against CCM as some of it is fantastic, but making it like a secular concert to whip up emotions detracts rather than adds to the service.  Remember, the opener is only to settle the crowd down for the main performer and in church that is the Word of God.  Endless repetitive mantras are like lyrical rosaries and vain repititions.  Away with such stuff.  

The treasure of the old hymns is that they contained doctrine and not just fluff.  The CCM that has some sound doctrine in it I love.  The fluff is a nice dessert or snack at some other function than a church service, but in church folks should be learning and just like Mansion Over The Hilltop, which gives a poor picture of what we will find in Heaven but feels good, some of the CCM is also feel good but not real good theology.  

Balance is the key and as in all things it can be hard to find and thinner than a tightrope.

by Ronald Eugene S...  2 years ago

Judy Hamby
The congregation sings about 3 songs- Choir or soloist sing another song. And a song after the offertory. The music in my church is truly beautiful for such a small church.

by Judy Hamby 2 years ago

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How many songs do you sing during your Sunday worship service? Do you wish your church sang more or less?

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