Kevin J

When one is born again, what is God's purpose for that Christian?

Asked by Kevin J 2 years ago faith

Joe Ardy
To bring Him glory. It sounds arrogant to our human ears, but from His perspective there is no greater good because He is the source of all things. It is what we redeemed will do inside the pearly gates forever - glorify God. That is primary, but His intent does not stop there.

He also wants us to bless other people's lives with the talents, gifts, resources, spiritual gifts, and time He has given us to use in this endeavor. Our challenge is to be like Him, as Jesus demonstrated in His life, and care for ourselves so we can care for others. That too, brings Him glory by the way our lives imitate Him.

Of course, the best blessing we can give is the Good News of sins forgiven by the sacrifice of Jesus.

There is so much more that can be said from this perspective, but there is no more time for me to include it here today. I pray that you live in such a way that you are the blessing He intends for you to be.

by Joe Ardy 2 years ago

Brenda Vanvolkenbur
God wants us to live a more abundant life. Through His Word, Jesus Christ, we learn to wisely look at situations. Choosing to spend time with Him, helps us to build a new Christrian concept to deal with all our whole life, including spouse, children, friends-both Christian and Non-Christian and every possible situation. I would have to say "Spreading The Good  News" is our main purpose though!

by Brenda Vanvolke...  2 years ago

Ron Lyons
What is the purpose of all your questions?

by Ron Lyons 2 years ago

We were saved to save others also. God's purpose for us is to share the good news of our experience to others also and bring them unto Him. Remember the Samaritan woman who left her water pot and went to invite her people to come and see the Messiah after her encounter with Christ.

by Joshua  2 years ago

Ephrem Hagos
To set the record straight, there are four specifics of being born again, in the image of Jesus Christ or eternal life, which are incompatible with any religion (even Christianity).

N.B. The Prescription is forward-looking to the power of Christ's death on the cross without which the experience is more like being stillborn than born again. (John 3: 1-21; 19: 30-42)  

The four specifics are:

1.Purpose: To know personally who Jesus Christ is, a.k.a., "to see the Kingdom of God".
2.Manner: By "being born spiritually of the Spirit"
3.Timing: At the time of the lifting up of the Son of Man and
4.Judgement: eternal life for obediently coming to "the light"; death in one's sins and "the darkness" for stubborn disobedience, e.g., Nicodemus and Simon Peter, respectively.

It works on a need basis!

by Ephrem Hagos 2 years ago

Foster Akor
To bring him/her more closer to Himself than ever before. Feasting at His table. To welcome Him like that of the prodigal son

by Foster Akor 2 years ago

For us to enter into His Kingdom. Flesh and blood will not enter into the Kingdom of God.  We are born again in a resurrected spirit state as was Jesus.  Not in a flesh and blood form.  We are not born again when we are baptised or accept Jesus into our lives etc. That is why Nicodemus was so confused.

by Jhenry 2 years ago

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When one is born again, what is God's purpose for that Christian?

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