Why should Christians separate themselves from the world?

Asked by Grifith 2 years ago holiness

Danilo Britanico
Let us first define what is the world should we separate ? In JOHN 3:16 speak about God love the world; the world here means people, are you talking about the system of the world? But if it is the case you are probably right, every Christian should separate not even love the world  
if we love the world the love of God is not in us and we find ourselves hostile to God never in your entire life to come closer to the world it will entice you, beware to the snare of the devil
Draw near to God and God will draw near to you.

by Danilo Britanic...  2 years ago

Mark Reese
We are in this world but not OF this world. We are to be here but to be different. When we shine our "light" the world becomes a little brighter. We are to be like Christ so people can see why we are different. God is love... Share it.

We are not better... Just better off.

by Mark Reese 2 years ago

Kevin J
Dear Ms. Griffith; this world and the things in it are passing away,  and to be apart of this world means we too will pass away with it. We have a service to the Almighty we are doulos bond servents. We have been bought wiith a price. As the Holy Spirit tells us focus on the things in heaven or die with those things witch. Give to christ because he  gave all for you. Christ and Him crucified. Amen. Praise God in all His glory

by Kevin J 2 years ago

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Why should Christians separate themselves from the world?

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