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Is expository preaching the best way to communicate/teach the scriptures? If so why? If not why?

Asked by Eric Dammann 2 years ago expository preaching scriptures

Billy D Squires
It is definitely a time tested way of bringing the whole counsel of the word of God.
Expository preaching exposes the content of the Bible, verse by verse. By examples and application, expository preaching brings out truths that other types of preaching may inadvertently miss.

It also keeps the preacher/teacher from just preaching on his/her favorite verses and themes, to the neglect of some of the warnings and commands that are in the Word of God.

Other types of preaching include topical preaching and
textual preaching. If the preacher/teacher is speaking about justice, or prosperity, or outreach he or she would start with the topic and then find all the relevant verses about that topic and then use many of them in the message.

In a textual sermon, the speaker might go through a group of verses and explain them and apply them. But he/she may begin the chosen passage right after some verses that could make the speaker uncomfortable and may end before another verse that might not be one he or she wants to cover.

With expository preaching, the verses are what they are, and are covered as they are gotten to - whether the preacher is comfortable with them or not.

Think of the current groups of "popular" preachers, and most of them are topical. And they leave out the verses that don't fit their themes and schemes. And the result is a poorly fed church that is fed a high sugar, high fat diet... We have people who are experts on what God says about success and prosperity and who are absolutely clueless about what He says about believers departing from sin and iniquity and living godly lives, by drawing on His grace and power.

by Billy D Squires 2 years ago

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Is expository preaching the best way to communicate/teach the scriptures? If so why? If not why?

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