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How do you know when God is calling you to a new ministry?

Asked by Brian Orme 2 years ago calling ministry move


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That depends on how God speaks to you. For me, I know when God is calling me to a new ministry when there becomes a discontentment where I am presently at. Saying that, I would like to add that the discontentment is not due to me wanting to escape the present ministry, or people involved in the present ministry, but rather, the discontentment is due to new opportunities. That is another way I know God is calling me: When new opportunities and challenges are facing me that will cause me to grow, as well as will impact many others for the kingdom. A third way I know God is calling me, is when I begin to develop a passion or desire for the new ministry and He has given me a peace about pursuing it.

Because every person is unique God speaks uniquely to each individual. My advice is: "How did God call you in the past?" He probably will call you again in the same way because that is the way you hear His voice. If He does call you in a different way, then He will also let you know that it is Him. Trust the Holy Spirit's guiding in your life!

by Simon 2 years ago

Herb Strickland
Most of the time they leave to late. After the ministry is nearly dead, the money is gone & they have no choice. DO NOT do that to the church or the people. When you leave a ministry (& it is God) you should leave it thriving & ready to be took to the next level by the next minister. Do not take on an attitude. God used you to take it to the level he has anointed you for. Go and do it again! Do not feel inferior because you only take a ministry to a certain level. Your part is a very important part. More of you are needed. I am presently Pastor-ing my 3rd Church plant! I will always have a part in each one! Get excited that you get to go & do it again!

by Herb Strickland 2 years ago

Caleb Hagen
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by Caleb Hagen 2 years ago

Thomas Jaison
The apt way is a sincere prayer to the Lord.
The Lord who called us earlier for His ministry, would call us again in a similar way or even in a more specific way.
We can identify the changes in our thoughts and normally it would be very significant that we would think more about the new ministry than the existing one.
Our heart would long for changes in our ministry.
The advancement in our spirituality like qualitative preaching and teaching may not be accepted by the congregation.
The response from the believers may get deteriorated week by week. They may not show much interest on the church growth, when we really long for the growth.  
Above all, the leading of the Holy Spirit may have a change all of a sudden in our ministerial path.

by Thomas Jaison 2 years ago

Troy FireSpeaks Pearsall
For me it was when I realized that nothing I did was in-line with the will of the leaders of the church. It made the leaving difficult and painful.

by Troy FireSpeaks...  2 years ago

Carrie Jones
I listen to God by visions I have and a dream by reading the word and he sends some one to call me and tell or Iget rom a n apostle friend and it willalready be in my  heart or spirit
from God! Praying and fasting and seekin g God.

by Carrie Jones 2 years ago

Smart Ododo
One can only be sure when you know how God talk to you. For me, when I become uneasy with things generally in a church and all my effort to coup fail, then I can conclude that God want me out of that place. This has happened to me thrice so I am sure of it. Again, applying Gideon method is to me unethical for today believers because the Holy Spirit is given to guide you in all things.Smart Ododo

by Smart Ododo 2 years ago

Lew Button
One of the ways a pastor can know if God is calling him to a new ministry is when the church door hits him in the butt on the way out. Not a good situation to be in but certainly a time for reflection. I suspect that many pastors feel the call when things get tough where they are at the moment.  I may sound cynical but I have seen all to often that the "call" comes when things don't go as expected. Pastors don't seem to get called to New England in the winter or called to California during an earthquake. My opinion is that the call of God to move is probably issued a lot le3ss frequently than we believe.

by Lew Button 2 years ago

Ahnan Lahkang
Everybody may not be called to another new ministry. However, God may want one to do differently from other. How do the one would know God wants him/her to do His will? The answer is that he/she may just know. Listening from one's heart, from a logical sense which God made us in human's nature, from the dream, from the guiding of the Bible..etc any believer would know what the Lord wants him/her to do for a new ministry.

The disciples of the Lord Jesus did not know at the beginning when they were called but they just followed. Perhaps, they followed due to they felt the right thing to do at that moment. As a Christian, I believe that God the Holy Spirit was guiding them.

When God the Holy Spirit guides me, I feel that I am strong and I am doing the right thing. When I confuse or puzzle what I am doing, I pray and then I listen to my heart and I reason. When I get lost or I make mistake, I apologise the Lord and accept to be corrected.

God is always helping me to understand what things to be done.

by Ahnan Lahkang 2 years ago

Larry Pearson
How do you know when God is calling you to a new ministry? We know from Matthew 28:19 ?? 20 that Christ said, "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I in with you always to the very end of the age" (NIV).

This is the mission statement and charter of the church. However in implementing this charter various Christians are called to do different ministries within this mandate. Yes! It would be wonderful if we had clear and specific instructions concerning our personal lives and ministry.

As someone as stated before, having problems in one ministry to seek another one will not solve the problems. Assuming this is not the case, and the Lord has laid this up on your heart and in many prayers have asked the Lord if this is the right direction then you must make that decision.

Recalling Gideon in the book of Judges 6:36 ?? 40, would be nice if we could put a fleece before the Lord as he did. Remember Gideon's reticence concerning his call. In his ambivalence, he said Lord I will put a wool fleece on the threshing floor and if only the fleece has dew then I know you will save Israel. However, this was not good enough for Gideon, he asked the Lord not to be angry with him but he said let me have one more test. I will place the fleece again on the ground and if the ground is covered with dew and not the fleece then he would know it was of the Lord. From the story we know Gideon accomplished the ministry the Lord had appointed for him.

We have not the luxury of Gideon! It is okay to have mixed feelings about a new direction the Lord is leading you. Howbeit, like Gideon, you have to be the one in your circumstances through much prayer and soul-searching to make a ministry change. It is a scary, but natural feeling, to change. We do not like change. I myself had changes of pastorates have felt the same anxiety and consternation that you are dealing with. But if there is a deep burning within your heart that this is the direction the Lord wants you to go, then only you and the Lord can provide the resolution. My prayers are with you! For I know these decisions are not easy. Larry J. Pearson   Reformed Minister

by Larry Pearson 2 years ago

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