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Should the pastor know what the congregation gives?

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Jake Epping

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When you give to the needy, don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.

by Jake Epping 2 years ago

Chuck Denton
The truth is that someone in your church knows this information. Those who regularly count the offerings or the financial secretary or treasurer know because the church is required by law to keep those records and has to count the the money for deposits. They don't just take it to the bank and have them count it. So why is it ok for someone else in the church to know this information, but not the pastor who is called by God to shepherd and lead the church (people). In the story about the widow's mite Jesus and His disciples were watching what everyone was giving. The pastor who continuously receives criticism from people about how the church is spending money should know whether that person is actually giving to the church or tithing. Since 20% of the members giving 80% of the money in churches and the average tithe is 3% instead of 10% the pastor should know that information just like any other information about their members. Guess what, most every church member knows what the pastor's salary is and would have problems with their pastor if he was not tithing. In my experience, most who have a problem with this idea are the ones who are not tithing. By the way, tithing is an act of corporate worship and not a private action.

by Chuck Denton 2 years ago

Jason Yarbrough
If a pastor can be easily influenced by knowing who gives what he's too spiritually immature to be a pastor...

by Jason Yarbrough 2 years ago

It is funny how many don???t want people to know what we give the reason is??? most people give little to nothing. As long as it is a secret, people can say they are givers when they are not.

This is a great example of the power and control of money. We might share our deepest pains and struggles with those we are in community with ?? or share the pain of our childhood or our secret marriage issues ?? or share our personal doubts, fears and anxieties??? but how dare we talk about our paycheck or giving.

According to the New Testament, the church leaders did know what people gave; we see this through out Acts and in 2 Cor 8-9 as an example. Giving is a habit of spiritual maturity, and pastors are to help mature people in this area with accountability just as any other biblical instruction.

With that said ?? I don???t think it should be public knowledge to others members, as that can tend to cause some to be treated differently by those who are immature.

It's never about the dollars but our devotion. It is a spiritual act of worship.

by Ted 2 years ago

Douina P
I read an interesting article on why a pastor SHOULD know what the congregation gives. Check it out on

by Douina P 2 years ago

Kevin Elswick
I was a treasure of a church before I became a pastor of another church. Once I knew what people were giving, it broke my heart & made me think differently about those who did not give. Those that did give usually had smaller incomes then those who did not give. That upset me even more but that is what the story of the widows mite is all about isn???t it.

When I became pastor of a church, the first thing I said to the congregation was ???I do not want to know what anyone gives to this church???. I never ask the treasure what anyone gave. We had a monthly meeting & everyone in the church knew how much money was coming in & where it was going out. God blessed the church & it doubled in size in 5 years. God doubled the sanctuary & built new Sunday school rooms as well as a kitchen & fellowship hall. We never took out a loan for anything. We were able to take on 15 missionaries during this time also as well as purchasing a steeple & a baptistery. There was a time that money got low & we had not finished one of the buildings. God tested me & I didn???t take a salary for November & December. The congregation saw what I was willing to do for God & the church and we never got low on many again for a total of 10 years. I live in the lowest income section of my state. No Doctors, lawyers. Or business men at this church, only children of God who obeyed his word.

Although I didn???t know who gave what, if someone had a need & they asked me for money, the first thing I would ask to them was ???do you tithe???. I do not recall one person that needed money saying they tithed. It was always ???preacher, we just can???t afford it???. It was at that time I taught them about the tithe and watched them to see what happened. You know the rest of the story, they started giving and everything turned around for them. They didn???t move into a mansion, but they were not in need any more.

If a pastor knows what the people give, it will change the way he looks at people. God doesn???t want that & I don???t think a pastor who is worth his salt would either. With this in mind, I vote that a pastor should NOT know what people give.

by Kevin Elswick 2 years ago

Rj Dobbs
The Pastor is in charge of the flock; God will hold the Pastor accountable for the flock. Board members, within the church, are members of the flock; I would hope they are not from without; the Pastor should know what they are doing and what is on the bottom line of the balance sheet. Will the Pastor not be held accountable for the flock God has assigned him to? For the Pastor to answer God, "I was unaware of what the board members/flock was doing," will not be acceptable to God.

by Rj Dobbs 2 years ago

Bill McConnell
I used to refuse to know what people give. I feared it would influence my ministry to them. Since I have matured (or aged :)) I have changed my mind. Giving is a spiritual decision and my giving says much about one's spiritual maturity and commitment to the Kingdom of God. Knowing what people give helps me understand where they are spiritually.

by Bill McConnell 2 years ago

Mark Mohler
I have heard both sides of the argument. Some say that pastors can understand spiritual health by looking at the giving of individuals. They also say that people who give large amounts should be given encouragement becasue they are obviously seeking to support thier church. These are both valid points.

However I choose not to know the amount anyone gives. In fact I remind our financial secretaries not to tell me, even if someone has given a large donation. I would never want to be accused of interacting with someone based on thier giving. I would also never want to be tempted to interact differently, or think differently, about a member of our church based on their giving.

On a side note, when I someone does give a sizable donation I always write them a thank you note and ask one of our financial secretaries to pass the note along. Though I never know who the person is, (I always mention in the note that I do not know thier identity) it is out of respect and honor that I encourage the person I the Lord.

by Mark Mohler 2 years ago

Caleb Hagen
I'm having a hard time understanding why a pastor would need to know this. The primary reason given by some is so that the pastor can keep individuals accountable for their giving.

When giving becomes an issue of confrontation and/or accountability, it no longer lends itself to cheerfulness and a true spirit of giving.

by Caleb Hagen 2 years ago

Deke Shoelacer
I don't believe that a pastor should know what the people in the church give unless the individuals want him to know.

by Deke Shoelacer 2 years ago

The question is whether or not they will give when their members are in need. This is what they need to know.

by Karen 4 weeks ago

I think the pastor should know what the congregation gives.  However, I would like to know if is ethical or even smart for a pastor to ask for members to turn in their total monthly income for the purpose of making a budget?  We all know that everyone does not tithe.

by Rita 10 months ago

Al K
The Pastor has no need to know who gives what, he will invarably become judgmental towards those who don't put much in the collection. The Pastor should be accountable for how the funds are used. The 501c3 churches are government controlled, when a Pastor has to be licensed to the state to preach, he is serving the Czar 1st. Then the Lord, the fact that no tax breaks are offered for charitable gifts to any but a 501c3 brings about separation of church and state.

by Al K 1 year ago

Jamie Worley
What people give is between them and The Lord. I will lead by example, make myself intentionally available and teach through preaching. There are many things only the Holy Spirit should try and control, namely...everything.

by Jamie Worley 2 years ago

Rev John Jackson
I feel that the overall sentiment expressed by most writers is right. As Pastor you need to know what is coming in monthly in order to be able to budget. I don't want to know how much an individual gives but I do need to know if they are tithing or giving. A recent situation where an individual presented themselves to sit on the finance committee became highly embarrassing when there could be no record found of them giving or tithing in 3 years! If you are going to be in a position of leadership in the local church you must be able to show yourself as faithful and that means fiscally as well as spiritually. You can not be asking people do what you are not.

by Rev John Jackso...  2 years ago

Darlene Anderson
Often times I think that if a Pastor knows what a person gives it can affect their attitude towards that person, especially if they are not tithing as directed by the Word of God.  But it also is important if there are people in the congregation that are having difficulties with making ends meet then the Pastor should know this so that he is able to speak with them and counsel them for possible reasons for them having some of the struggles they are having.  If they are not tithing this is a real stumbling block and should be addressed by the Pastor. My over all opinion is that it depends on the activity of the congregation towards the things that advance God's Kingdom, the Pastor should know the weekly monies taken in because he is responsible for the expenses of the church to be met which involves the whole congregation including the Pastor.

by Darlene Anderso...  2 years ago

I know that some pastors choose not to know only because it may cause them to have biased opinions about different individuals. However, the pastor has to know the overall giving so that he is aware of budgeting issues.

In the Bible the tithe was brought in and given to the Levites (priests, pastors). Therefore, it is okay for the pastor to know. I think more people would give if they knew their pastor was aware of their giving. Also, it gives a pastor permission to approach the subject of giving more easily if the congregation knew that he was aware of their giving.

Although we may say that our giving is between us and God, if we are not doing anything wrong, then why would we try to hide it? The Scripture about the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing is in regards to gifts or other offerings, not tithes.

by Simon 2 years ago

Art Zacher
The Pastor should not know what amount people give but he should know who does give. Leadership positions in the church call for qualified dedicated members. When some one doesn't give willingly and faithfully, it is an indicator of their heart condition. Why allow someone into a position of authority, especially the finances who will not give? Jesus said," For where your treasure is there will your heart be also", Matthew 6 21.

by Art Zacher 2 years ago

Bill Catchings
Yes, absolutely.

by Bill Catchings 2 years ago

Cam Buchanan
As a pastor, I like to keep an eye on the total figure simply for he sake of keeping to budgets and not overspending. I do not think it is any of my
Business who gives what sum though.
I was once asked a number of years ago to ask people in my church If they tithed or not by my senior pastor at the time. I felt this was inappropriate and even felt to resign over this and a bunch of similar issues. Pastors don't need to know what individuals are doing, but they are also wise to ensure good stewardship is in place hence the knowledge of a weekly figure is not a bad thing for a pastor to know

by Cam Buchanan 2 years ago

Kiran Suryawanshi
Giving is an act of worship towards loving our Father God. So it is not an act of show off or telling people that how much i love God by showing how much i give. Its all what we give in secret and receive reward from God in public. If Leaders will take count of what i am giving in church than..their service towards that particular fellow person may differ according to his giving. So in such ways there is possibilities that leaders may show partiality towards people according to their measure of giving in church. I believe that should not happen in  Gods body. Ultimately we all are same in one body, so there may possibility of avoiding or neglecting the people who give less in church by leaders.In my opinion this act of worship should be in done in secret towards God. Giving should not be for counting purpose but it should be for pleasing God not man.

by Kiran Suryawans...  2 years ago

Pastor Bobby Whisnant
You are to give to God. So were in the bible is it stated the pastor should know.Giving should be between you and God only.Remember is not a religion but a one on one relationship with Jesus Christ.Show me a pastor who has to know what the flock is given to the church and I think the people would or should question the pastor reasons.

by Pastor Bobby Wh...  2 years ago

I definitely don't want my pastor to know what I give. That should be between me and God.

by Cody 2 years ago

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